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For the last 15 years GRETCHEN GARRETT HACHTEL has prepared some of the most well-known horse show people and exhibitors in the business. Her attention to detail...from show clothing, personal styling, marketing and promotion...has proved essential in attaining that winning moment. Plus, years of experience in developing top competitors has given her a seasoned knowledge of the winner's circle and the road to getting there. G Personal Assistant Services allows Gretchen to offer her skills to a wider audience. It's an opportunity for you to get advice, assistance and a helping hand for your horse show needs from one of the best in the business. G Personal Assistant Services offers service for Personal Styling, Show Clothing Design, Advertising and Marketing Coordination as well as Horse Show Scheduling and Travel Arrangements. All to make your road to the top...easier!

Is it VERY essential to look and feel "important" and to show that confidence when you enter the arena. Allowing someone else who "knows the ropes" and can handle those "extra details" can help give you an advantage in many ways,
~ Gretchen.



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